Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Commercial Kitchen Hood Installations

  A1 Commercial Kitchen Services inc. has been designing and manufacturing commercial kitchen ventilation systems for 12 years.

Opposed to the "stainless steel where exposed" type of hood, we designed our hoods to be made completely from stainless steel. Our primary goal, however, is to keep your hood system as simple as possible.

A1 Commercial Kitchen Services inc. most popular grease hood offers a system that is efficient, economic and most importantly inexpensive.Exhaust canopy with make-up air chamber built in to the front of the grease hood allowing non-tempered Make-up air to be utilized.   

Our commercial grease hoods are available in depths ranging from 42" to 72" and are sized to the equipment beneath.  For instance, when woks are present we will size the grease hood deeper to gain better capture due to the fact that woks create a lot of smoke mixed with steam. CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTE, I promise we will  be the cheapest and still use the best products. (732) 982-1795

The Metal Press, that is used to bend the Stainless Steel.

Another metal Press

A finished Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Ready to go and be installed in the Resturant

The duct work ready to go

More Duct work ready to be installed